Wendy J Carter

“Creativity is my being, not just my doing. Being willing to stretch bigger than I assume that I am. I give myself permission to be as big as I am.” -Wendy Carter

Artworks – My connection with art travels back to a high school art teacher who spent many long months patiently waiting while I struggled with an old pottery “kick wheel.” Learning to center a ball of clay on a spinning wheel and open it up was probably my first experience of balancing my body as it is difficult to “center” when the world chaos has a hold of your head and heart.

Pottery also taught me that by touching something (instead of relying on my sight) I could sense in my hands and body which would come into play (place) as a massage therapist.

Tactile information and sensing when the clay was centered provided information about whom and how I was in my body. After months of not giving up, I succeeded at wheel thrown pots. That artistic expression and interest stayed with me through out college. I did not know at the time how much art would play such a vital role in my life.

Self taught artist

I have utilized all of these modalities in teaching individuals how to talk to and use the process of art. It is easy for people to feel that they are not artist – usually from being told in grade school or high school that they were not good at art. I have had so many conversations with wonderful people about how they have repressed their curiosity to paint or draw. To be invited to bring that interest and wonder back out is a gift and joy to me. Some say they reconnect to that place in them by seeing my paintings. Art to me is not about “Being an artist” as much as it is to express my inner world in a creative fashion. Words do not always convey how I feel or how I see the world. I value expression of spirit in many forms and love to encourage others to find their own voice.